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Business Management Toolkit

"Think-Forward" is a toolkit designed specifically for Directors and Senior Managers. It's practical, built by people who have been round the block, got the tee-shirt, and the bruises, but more importantly, have the skills, knowledge and experience to guide and then help you build a successful business. 

It is a unique blend of theoretical and pragmatism, distilled into the real commercial world we live in. 

A tool-set that shows you how to manage, and overcome, the obstacles you face. 

A tool-set that illustrates the art of the possible.

It can't show and teach you everything; it's your world, your business, after all.

The way forward....your "Road-Map".....unique to you.

Whats Included?

The Package

Administration Manual​

This is your Knowledgebase, providing you with guidelines, templates, and relevant subject matter explanations, to formulate, maintain and drive a performance focused, Three Year Operating Plan (TOP) 

Based upon the four main pillars of the Business Excellence Model, "Think-Forward" provides all the content, instructions and supporting tools necessary to address each of the following areas. 

• Strategy Development. 

• Three Year Operating Plan 

• Sales and Marketing Plan 

• Financial Plan 

• Change Management 

• Process and Lean Systems Management 

• Performance Management 

• Risk Management 

Performance Manual​ 

This is the active, management manual that will contain the project plans and supporting documents used to drive through the Performance Initiatives in each of the strategic areas. 

Booking Form 

We would ask that you allow fourteen days from receipt of your toolkit to schedule your one-to-one training day. 

This will allow you time to study some of the toolkit content and consider how you might approach using it. In the meantime, we will be booking an appropriate Business Advisor to match your requirements. 



On-going Support

We want you to gain the maximize benefit from your investment in “Think-Forward” and our team are here to support you in your journey and show you how to achieve your success.

The support packages offered have been designed to match your needs.


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