Plan Manage Grow


Business Management System


Giving a Presentation

Step One

  • Is to understand the internal capabilities of your business and the competitive landscape it is operating in. 

  • Evaluating different strategies to enable you to build a clear, sustainable, competitive, value driven, market position. 

  • The "Think-Forward "Toolkit provides you with all the tools necessary for you to achieve this. 

  • If required, we will support you in your journey to achieve this. 


Discussing the Numbers

Step Two

  • Is to build an organisation structure, whose staff are supported by process and systems, to allow them to deliver your strategy, ensuring that they are totally equipped for success. 

  • A robust, Sales and Marketing Plan, an Operating Plan that dovetails into a detailed Finance Plan; all thought through, with rigour and detail. 

  • Control. The Key Performance Indicators that you require to know that you are on track, are outlined, so that you have the information and mechanisms in place to rapidly address performance shortfalls. 

  • All the tools and support are available to enable you to drive your performance forward. 


Market Analysis

Step Three

  • Building on a secure, well defined, competitive, business model, your next step is to move forward; to grow. 

  • You will be evaluating, and prioritising improvement projects throughout your business. Selected projects are carefully managed with discipline, Milestones and Gateways, to deliver the determined value.

  • The Performance Manual holds the controls and provides the vision that you require, in leading, directing and controlling your business. 

  • Having the confidence that your plan has been thought through, robustly and validated with the toolset within the” Think-Forward" Programme, gives you the confidence to move and grow to a higher level. 


How is it delivered?


The toolkit is delivered to you containing an Administration Manual and Performance Manual. Included within your purchase is an on-site, day’s training by one of the “Think-Forward” Business Advisors. The aim of the day will be to familiarise you with the content of the manual, review your current business and priorities, help you  create a personalised ‘Heat Map’ that directly informs a tailored journey through the content. There will usually be time, on the day, to explore one or two models in more detail, for an instant head start.


The Toolkit is purchased outright for you to use indefinitely, updating your plans year upon year. In addition to the initial one day’s training, we offer a further, twelve months, telephone support to guide you in compiling your plans. We can further support you by offering you one of our industry specific, Business Advisors to work alongside you, guiding you in developing your plans; this would be achieved within a project based, fixed price, quotation. 



If I buy the “Think-Forward” System are there any on-going commitments? 

A: No, there are no commitments; we want you to maximise your investment in the toolkit and reap the rewards of your hard work. 

Is there a time limit on when I use the System? 

A: No. When you feel that the time is right to structure your approach and use a more powerful and disciplined way of running your business then please use your toolkit and contact our team to support you. 

Is additional support expensive?  

A: No. Dependent upon your requirements, we offer, fixed price, project-based Quotations with defined, value-based deliverables. 

Grants and funding 

A: Many of the industry sectors that we operate within are supported by financial grants and funding; please enquire for specific details. 

Do you have a digital version or app?

A: Not at the moment, but this may change in the future. Please ensure that you are signed up to our newsletter as our subscribers are always the first to know about any new releases.

Can you customise the “Think-Forward” Toolkit to suit our needs?

A: Yes, we can. The toolkit is intended as the foundations upon which you can build your business. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Can I become a Partner or Stockist of “Think-Forward”?

A: We welcome the opportunity to work with Partners who can add value to our community. Please contact the team to discuss in more detail.