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Business Management System


A revolutionary, business management system, “Think Forward”, equips you with everything that you need, to turn your business vision, into reality. 

Based on the Business Excellence Model® and comprising of three main components, the toolkit consists of:

  1. An Administrative Manual

  2. A Performance Manual 

  3. Specialist Business Advisors

Together, these help you build a stable platform to plan, manage and grow your business and to create an actionable, roadmap, to success.

The Administrative Manual gives you a framework of essential management tools and techniques that can transform your ideas into actionable outcomes. Easy to understand, simple to digest and even easier to implement, the Administrative Manual covers a total of 40 headline topics brought to life with over 25 business modelling tools and 25 bespoke templates.

The Performance Manual is the practical workbook that brings your plans to life, to grow your business, showing you exactly how to do this. Containing your vital project plans and supporting documents, the performance manual provides you with a practical method to record the successes and challenges of your business whilst also encouraging accountability and clarity; it is used to benchmark and drive your business performance.

Our Business Advisors are the final component of the “Think Forward” system.  Included with your manual purchase is a personalised training session on how to use the manual and the compilation of “Heat Map” which will focus your activities and kick start you on your journey to success.


If required, our team of Advisors, who have over 20 years of experience in senior executive roles, can continue to work alongside you and your team, in creating a structured plan, with a clear definitive strategy, tactics, and deliverables and then drive that plan to success.

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Am I right for "Think-Forward" ?

We recognise that “Think- Forward” is a special kind of investment, so before purchasing the “Think- Forward” Business Management System, we ask you to ensure that you meet the following criteria:


  • You are a Business Owner, Director, or Senior Manager.

  • You want to improve the management of your business.

  • You are looking to create a three-year business roadmap to success.

  • You are wanting to work on your business, instead of in it.

  • You are willing to share, listen and collaborate with your staff and our Business Advisors.

If you meet the above criteria, are interested in adding another dimension to your management capabilities and want to maximise your business’ future potential then contact our team today to learn more about how "Think-Forward" will work for you.


Our team

A B2B team of industry, domain experts whose experience is used to deliver the results that you want. Here are just a two of the friendly faces you’ll see when you meet: 

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Michael Carr 

The founder of “Think-Forward”, Michael came to realise that despite the many programmes of support to Business Owners and Directors, there was no readily available, operating platform, from which to plan, manage and grow their business.

With over 30 years experience at Director and Senior level positions working for several large PLC’s, Akzo Nobel, Unipart, Jaguar-Landrover Michael also owned and built two businesses with million pound+ turnovers.


The knowledge, methods and tools used by these successful companies has been set out in the "Think-Forward" Management Toolkit  in a readily accessible and easy to use format.

Kath Howell 

Co-Director of “Think-Forward”, Kath’s experience and passion lies within Change Management, Leadership Development and Lean Systems Thinking.

An experienced Director, In addition to her Client portfolio, Kath has worked extensively with the NHS, been responsible for developing a Financial Services charity business from £45m to/ to £60m. 

Earlier career success with ATOS Consulting, Johnson Matthey and the Ford Motor Co was valuable learning which she brings to “Think Forward” Clients.